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Laurel Dunn

January 01, 2100

Welcome to the blog!

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Here are some of the highlights.

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These posts cover what’s happening in the industry or on the grid. They’re geared at putting the data in context, and at giving you ideas for moving the industry forwards.

Data Descriptions

These posts offer documentation of the datasets hosted in the platform.

Set up

PredictiveGrid is designed to make it easier and more intuitive for data enthusiasts of all skill levels to work with big data. This posts will help you get set up using the platform.

Tutorials & Analytics

These posts describe analytical methods for interpreting the data. They provide sample code and jupyter notebooks that will help you get started.


Laurel Dunn

Laurel is a Civil Engineer specializing in data-driven risk assessment and decision analysis for power systems. She has engaged with utilities, regulators, and policymakers about issues like grid modernization and climate resilience. She hopes to help society realize the benefits of scientific advancements by being a facilitator for knowledge transfer among institutions and people.